Cloud Architect

IT Company

Job Description

-Securing the ability to implement services and technologies across the Google Cloud

-Use of Company’s capacity-building programs such as education/E12 materials

- Cultivating execution capabilities through related peer workshops and test environments-

Performing technical support tasks to meet the requirements of customers' use and operation of Google Cloud

-Customer technical inquiries, issue/failure response (collaborate response with Google such as Case Open)

-Participation in PoC performance to verify technical requirements

-Automation for advanced operation, CI/CD, system monitoring, review of 3rd party, etc.

-Participation in the construction/migration project to Google Cloud


Job Requirements

-IT related major or IT experience

-Sincere and passionate attitude and ability to communicate and collaborate smoothly

 Senior (-5+ years of IT experience)


★ Including the above Junior content

-Leading professional technology area of ​​Google Cloud Service (Infra or Application category)

-Junior coaching, technical deepening, new technology/service internalization

- When customer technical support occurs, the requirements are identified and the technical response in the field is read

-Issue analysis and solution deduction/guide

-Leading construction/migration projects to Google Cloud (PM or PL role)

-Understanding customer needs and reading analysis/design/building/stabilization

-Management of project issues, organization, progress, etc.

-Architecture design/operation/response to issues using public cloud services

-Internal and external communication and issue analysis and resolution ability

-Enterprise infrastructure construction/migration SI project leading experience

-Analysis/analysis/issue of customer requirements Solution and To-Be Design Ability

- Ability to prepare and present presentation documents for external events

-Kubernetes, MSA expert. (Experienced in Kubernetes)

-Experienced implementing enterprise services using various IaaS and PaaS solutions of GCP- Experienced in cloud SI project PM/PL

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How to apply

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