1C: ERP developer

IT Company

Responsibilities :

  • Customization of 1C configurations base on client requirements
  • General testing of the development functionality
  • Integration of 1C: ERP with 3rd party solutions or other ready systems
  • Support and maintenance of existing systems

Education and experience: 

  • 2+ years experience with 1C:ERP Development
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer science or related field, or equivalent experience
  • Strong understanding of Accounting concepts
  • Ability to programming of manageable application and Taxi interfaces
  • 1C:Enterprise Experience:
    • Experience with 1C 8.* platform and managed forms
    • 1C architecture understanding: structure of registers; indexes; register's virtual and physical tables
    • SQL knowledge and understanding of 1C-DBMS interaction
    • Understanding of 1C internals like object model, client-server interaction, form events
    • Experience with Data composition Schema reports
    • Web-client development: a deep understanding of client-server architecture; methods of optimization
  • Experience with web-services and http-services

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