What is outplacement?

Outplacement is the efforts made by a downsizing company to help former employees transition to new jobs and help them re-orient themselves in the job market. The outplacement services are achieved through practical advice and psychological support. Outplacement is either delivered through individual one-on-one sessions or in a group format.

FireWorks HRM provides outplacement services for large and small organizations recognizing staff reduction. Our team is highly experienced in all aspects of providing assistance to the out-placed employee. We are committed to preparing these employees for the next step in their careers through a full range of outplacement services.

Outplacement services include, but are not limited to:

  • Career counseling Online;
  • Remote or on-site consultation;
  • Skills set assessments;
  • Resume preparation and presentation;
  • Network efficiently;
  • Self branding;
  • Job market analysis;
  • Full social media integration;
  • Interviewing techniques;
  • Salary negotiations.

Our features

1. Unlimited one-on-one coaching
Every employee gets personal attention from us through a team of career experts who focus on getting them to their next job. Our coaches work helping individuals define their career strategy and act on it. They’re the main contact in all things job search.

2. Professional resume preparation
Our team gives job seekers extreme career makeovers that get them noticed. From social media bios and intro text to impressive resumes that rise to the top of the pile, we know how to make them look good.

3. Job Sourcing Agent
Most job seekers rely on keyword searches, but that’s not enough. We get to know each job seeker’s preferences, and our job sourcing agents search the sea of job boards and potential matches to select the best leads for each person.

4. Social Media & Professional Networks
More than half of jobs are now fulfilled from network referrals. We boast full social media integration so that your people can leverage their connections to get a foot in the door, or even get access to a job that is not yet posted.