• Lawyer is required to supervise the staff members of the legal department and make sure that they work efficiently on various cases.
  • Lawyer needs to review the legal risks involved in various business deals and share the same with the management.
  • Lawyer is required to handle various legal matters after understanding the client’s case.
  • Lawyer needs to offer advice on managing the tender documents.
  • Lawyer needs to review the existing legal cases of the organization and work upon resolving them.
  • Lawyer handles arbitration matters and civil suits before various courts of law should any arise.
  • Lawyer is involved in hiring members for the legal department after assessing their skills and abilities.
  • Lawyer is required to train the newly joined staff members on various legal aspects.
  • Lawyer needs to provide legal advice to the management.
  • Lawyer is required to analyze the risks while signing new business deals.
  • Lawyer needs to analyze legal information and do the essential paper work.
  • Lawyer is required to handle litigation management.
  • Lawyer is required to review contracts and agreements and see to it that they comply with the legal norms.
  • Lawyer is required to deal with external law authorities.



  • Fluent Azerbaijani and English  language skills
  • Experience in oil companies (preferable experience with Oil Operating Companies)

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