Graduate recruitment

Graduate Recruitment Programs

FireWorks HRM is intensively working with Graduates by two categories: “Graduate recruitment programs for graduates” and “Graduates recruitment programs for Clients”.

Career Building workshops - what is it?

Our company is working on non-profit basis with Graduates of different disciplines to teach them on the following subjects:

  • Job search tools- what modern job search tools we have in Azerbaijan;
  • CV & Cover letter writing- how to prepare CV correctly? What are advantages of Cover letter? What is necessary to pay attention to when writing a cover letter to employer;
  • Guidance on Interview preparation. We do our best to prepare Graduates for the Job interviews both mentally and professionally. We explain them how present themselves and even what to dress during interviews;
  • Follow up after the interview- Is Thank you letter mandatory? What additional advantages it gives to the graduate?

Graduate Recruitment services for the Client Companies

FireWorks HRM organizes Graduate Recruitment Campaigns for specific needs of the Clients:

  • Advertise our Client Company and their needs in Universities & among our Graduate network;
  • We do interviewing, screening and evaluation of potential Graduates;
  • Coaching of short- listed before and after interviews;
  • Also as an additional benefit we have: Direct contacts with the rectors and pro-rectors and faculty deans.