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Articles - Challenges Facing Azerbaijan Graduates

In the face of a constantly evolving world, students choose the course they want to take and attend college in an effort to follow their desired career path. While leaders in Azerbaijan’s corporate world certainly appreciate the value of highly educated employees, they also place a great deal of emphasis on definitive job training. In contrast, the country’s education system tends to focus solely on specific education, offering little practical guidance.

Companies such as those in the oil, gas and mining industries as well as the financial sector are on a constant search for new talents; however, they are often of taking on recent graduates due to their lack of pragmatic experience. Though many of these companies offer their own training programs, they prefer to hire those who can simply jump into the action rather than risking company time and money providing training. By taking advantage of graduate recruitment program, these companies are provided with the best candidates for their job openings, and graduates are more successfully led to positions within their desired career field. FireWorks HRM acts as a liaison for new graduates and companies with positions to fill. We offer specified training and take into consideration each candidate’s education, qualifications and background, as well as their level of motivation and unique qualities. These factors are compared to the needs of our clients in order to successfully provide employees who will become valuable members of the country’s workforce.

As an additional service, FireWorks HRM also works with graduates on a non-profit basis to help prepare them for their impending job search. Recently FireWorks HRM has held the workshop for the graduates at “Khazar” University. This valuable training included advice on better tailoring CV’s and cover letters to their desired jobs and target employers. Graduates get better psychologically prepared for impending interviews and inevitable rejections. They are also clued in on what to expect from various psychological assessments that the majority of employers require nowadays.

Through these areas of preparation combined with our recruitment services, the company helps integrate graduates into the workforce. Graduates are more thoroughly prepared for the career lying ahead of them, and companies supporting Azerbaijan’s growing economy are supplied with the candidates best suited for the positions they need to fill. The country’s leading industries and rising members of society both benefit greatly from the recruitment program.

Published in the 20th issue of IMPACT Azerbaijan, the official publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan 

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